# GEOF Planet

A configurable spherical geodesic grid data model designed for simulations.

GEOF Planet offers an ideal data model for simulations of 2½D spherical phenomena like oceanography and climate. It is ported from the JavaScript project ["Peels"](

## References

- GEOF Planet is largely based on the [Spherical Geodesic Grids technique]( described by Todd D. Ringler, Ross P. Heikes, and David A. Randall at the Department of Atmospheric Science at Colorado State University.

- A description of sphere discretization: [Finite Differences on the Sphere](, David A. Randall, revised December 7, 2013.

- G. R. Stuhne and W. R. Peltier. “[New Icosahedral Grid-Point Discretizations of the Shallow Water Equations on the Sphere](”. Department of Physics, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Received April 14, 1998; revised September 9, 1998.