# GitHubActions
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`GitHubAction` is a little tool to write GitHub actions in Elixir. This lib
is an early beta and is currently experimental.

You can find the [usage](
documentation on [hexdocs](

## Install

`GitHubActions` can be installed as an archive.

$> mix archive.install hex git_hub_actions
Or, as a dependency.

``` elixir
def deps do
    {:git_hub_actions, "~> 0.2", only: :dev}

## Create a workflow yml

`GitHubActions` comes with some default settings to create a workflow yml. You
can run `mix gha` in a project root directory to create

$> mix gha
* creating .github/workflows/ci.yml

The default conifg and the information to customise the workflow yml generation
can be found in the [documentation](