# Gleam Erlang 🐙

A library for making use of Erlang specific code!

## Features

- Typed Erlang processes and message sending.
- Erlang binary format (de)serialisation.
- Functions for working with Erlang's charlists.
- Basic distributed Erlang support and working with nodes.
- Reading and writing of environment variables.
- Functions for working with atoms.

## Usage

Add this library to your Gleam project

gleam add gleam_erlang

And then use it in your code

import gleam/io
import gleam/erlang/process

pub fn main() {
  let fun = fn() { 
    io.println("Hello from another process running concurrently!")
  process.start(fun, True)

Documentation can be found at <>.

This library requires OTP 23.0 or higher.