# stdlib

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Gleam's standard library!
Documentation available on [HexDocs](

## Installation

Add `gleam_stdlib` to your Gleam project.

gleam add gleam_stdlib

## Usage

Import the modules you want to use and write some code!

import gleam/string
import gleam/list.{contains}

fn usage() {
  string.append("str", "ing")

fn more_usage() {
  [1, 2, 3]
  |> contains(any: 2)

## Targets

Gleam's standard library supports both targets: Erlang and JavaScript.

### Compatibility

- For Erlang the minimum required OTP version is 22.
- For NodeJS the minium required version is the oldest **Maintenance LTS** not marked as *end-of-life* as specified on <>.

Most of the standard library will run on older versions, but there are no garantuees.