# Gold

Opinionated interface to Bitcoin core JSON-RPC API. Currently in MVP mode: architecture is ready and stable, doesn't fully implement all of the RPC commands yet, although this would be trivial to do. Open an issue (or better yet, create a pull request) if you want to see more functionality added.


## Usage

Add Gold as a dependency in your `mix.exs` file.

def deps do
  [ { :gold, "~> 0.10" } ]

After you are done, run `mix deps.get` in your shell to fetch and compile Gold. Start an interactive Elixir shell with `iex -S mix`.

iex> {:ok, pid} = Gold.start_link(%Gold.Config{hostname: "localhost", port: 8332, user: "bitcoinrpc", password: "changeme"})
{:ok, #PID<0.162.0>}
iex> Gold.getbalance!(pid)
iex> Gold.listtransactions!(pid)
[%Gold.Transaction{account: "", address: "mvZZq9C8ZiK85fLPL26N7n81D5jKu8SgcD",
  amount: #Decimal<12.50000226>,
  blockhash: "7e5ca54602567bec3fa7067344ae0916236e01d2c9f6cae80509b291f97edf0f",
  blockindex: 0, category: :immature, comment: nil, confirmations: 3, fee: nil,
  otheraccount: nil, time: 1442466804, timereceived: 1442466804,
  txid: "6c173c5b90bc0c565e15d0144d57e81ec9ce95aac86f0e77c354d7acf1fbf68b",
  vout: 0}]

## Features

  * Uses the [Decimal]( library for representing BTC amounts, to avoid loss of precision;
  * Directly maps [Bitcoin's RPC functions](;