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# Gollum
Robots.txt parser with caching. Modelled after Kryten. Docs can be found [here](

# Usage
Call Gollum.crawlable?/3 to obtain whether a certain URL is permitted for the specified user agent.
iex> Gollum.crawlable?("hello", "")
iex> Gollum.crawlable?("hello", "")

Gollum is an OTP app (For the cache) so just remember to specify it in the extra_applications key in your mix.exs to ensure it is started.

Gollum allows for some configuration in your config.exs file. The following shows their default values. They are all optional.
config :gollum,
  name: Gollum.Cache, # Name of the Cache GenServer
  refresh_secs: 86_400, # Amount of time before the robots.txt will be refetched
  lazy_refresh: false, # Whether to setup a timer that auto-refetches, or to only refetch when requested
  user_agent: "Gollum" # User agent to use when sending the GET request for the robots.txt

# Author
Ravern Koh - <<>>