# Govtrack
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An elixir wrapper for the []( API that provides programmatic access to information about the U.S. Congress.

## Installation

[Available through Hex](, and can be installed by:

1. Adding `govtrack` to your list of dependencies in `mix.exs`:
def deps do
  [{:govtrack, "~> 0.7.0"}]

2. Ensuring `govtrack` is initialized before your main elixir application:
def application do
  [applications: [:govtrack]]

## Usage

This `Govtrack` module is meant to be a simple wrapper for the official []( API. The module automatically parses the JSON response and provides a few sensible defaults to common queries.

### Supported Endpoints:

- [bill](
- [cosponsorship](
- [person](
- [role](
- [vote](
- [vote_voter](
- [committee](
- [committee_member](

### Basic Usage
Govtrack.bills        #=> Fetch all bills, ordered by most recently updated

Govtrack.bill(12700)  #=> Fetch information about a specific bill

### Querying
An optional `query` parameter can be passed to all the supported endpoints to narrow the results. The specific query strings are dictated by the [govtrack API](

Govtrack.roles([current: true, state: "NY"])    #=> Fetch all representatives for the State of New York.