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A library for composing and executing task graphs in elixir.

### Add as Dependency

{:graphex, "~> 0.1.0"}

Also, be sure to add `:graphex` to your application's list of OTP applications since it has a supervision tree that must be started before using the library.

## Usage

Each node is represented by a separate process so tasks will run in parallel if possible. Failed nodes will be retried automatically per the default supervision restart settings.

incr = fn node ->
  fn r -> r[node] + 1

result = exec_graph :e, [
  [name: :a, fun: fn _ -> 0 end],
  [name: :b, fun: incr.(:a), deps: [:a]],
  [name: :c, fun: incr.(:b), deps: [:b]],
  [name: :d, fun: incr.(:b), deps: [:b]],
  [name: :e, fun: incr.(:c), deps: [:c]],

assert result == 3