# gsv

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This is a simple csv parser and writer for gleam. It will get more performant in the future,
but if you're looking for high performance now, I'd recommend doing ffi to an existing parser
in your target runtime.

We are using the grammar from [rfc 4180](

#### Example

import gsv.{Unix, Windows}

pub fn main() {
  let csv_str = "Hello, World\nGoodbye, Mars"

  // Parse a CSV string to a List(List(String))
  let assert Ok(records) = gsv.to_lists(csv_str)

  // Write a List(List(String)) to a CSV string
  let csv_str = records
  |> gsv.from_lists(separator: ",", line_ending: Windows)

## Quick start

gleam run   # Run the project
gleam test  # Run the tests
gleam shell # Run an Erlang shell

## Installation

If available on Hex this package can be added to your Gleam project:

gleam add csv

and its documentation can be found at <>.