= Gun

Gun is an Erlang HTTP client with support for HTTP/1.1,
HTTP/2, Websocket and more.

== Goals

Gun aims to provide an *easy to use* client compatible with
HTTP/1.1, HTTP/2 and Websocket. Gun can connect through any
combination of Socks and HTTP proxies.

Gun is *always connected*. It will maintain a permanent
connection to the server, reopening it as soon as the server
closes it, saving time for the requests that come in.

All connections are *supervised* automatically, allowing
developers to focus on writing their code without worrying.

== Sponsors

Gun was previously sponsored by[LeoFS Cloud Storage],[Sameroom],

== Online documentation

*[User guide]
*[Function reference]

== Offline documentation

* While still online, run `make docs`
* User guide available in `doc/` in PDF and HTML formats
* Function reference man pages available in `doc/man3/` and `doc/man7/`
* Run `make install-docs` to install man pages on your system
* Full documentation in Asciidoc available in `doc/src/`

== Getting help

* Official IRC Channel: #ninenines on
*[Issues tracker]
*[Commercial Support]