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# hackney_telemetry

`hackney_telemetry` will automatically compute and translate [hackney]( metrics to something that [telemetry]( understands.

## Telemetry metrics

The following metrics are exported by this library to telemetry. They will represent the last known value of the metric. They are based on [hackney's metrics](

|Metric | Tags | Meaning |
|`hackney.nb_requests`       | - | Current number of requests
|`hackney.finished_requests` | - | Total number of finished requests
|`hackney.total_requests`    | - |Total number of requests
|`hackney_pool.free_count`| pool | Number of free sockets in a connection pool
|`hackney_pool.in_use_count`| pool | Number of busy sockets in a connection pool
|`hackney_pool.no_socket`| pool | Count of new connections
|`hackney_pool.queue_count`| pool | Number of requests waiting for a connection in a pool
|`hackney_pool.take_rate`| pool | Rate at which a connection is retrieved from the pool

*Note: metrics for hosts are still not supported*.

## Installation

Install it from [Hex]( or [Github](

## Usage

### Configuring Telemetry

You'll likely use `telemetry` together with a reporting library.


Use it with [Telemetry.Metrics]( library.

defmodule YourApplcation.Telemetry do
  import Telemetry.Metrics

  def metrics do
    # other metrics

    last_value("hackney_pool.free_count", tags: [:pool]),
    last_value("hackney_pool.in_use_count", tags: [:pool]),
    last_value("hackney_pool.no_socket", tags: [:pool]),
    last_value("hackney_pool.queue_count", tags: [:pool]),
    last_value("hackney_pool.take_rate", tags: [:pool])

### Configuring Hackney
In your application config you need to set hackney's `mod_metrics`:

{hackney, [{mod_metrics, hackney_telemetry}]}


config :hackney, mod_metrics: :hackney_telemetry

### Options

#### Report interval
By default, workers will report data to telemetry every 1000 milliseconds. You
can change that by setting the `report_interval` option:

{hackney_telemetry, [{report_interval, 2_000}]}

config :hackney_telemetry, report_interval: 2_000

## Building

To build the source code locally you'll need [rebar3](

rebar3 compile

## Code of Conduct

This project  Contributor Covenant version 2.1. Check [](/ file for more information.

## License

`hackney_telemetry` source code is released under Apache License 2.0.

Check [NOTICE](/NOTICE) and [LICENSE](/LICENSE) files for more information.