# HammerBackendRedis

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A Redis backend for the [Hammer]( rate-limiter.

## Installation

is [available in Hex](, the package
can be installed by adding `hammer_backend_redis` to your list of dependencies in `mix.exs`:

def deps do
  [{:hammer_backend_redis, "~> 6.1"},
   {:hammer, "~> 6.0"}]

## Usage

Configure the `:hammer` application to use the Redis backend:

config :hammer,
  backend: {Hammer.Backend.Redis, [expiry_ms: 60_000 * 60 * 2,
                                   redix_config: [host: "localhost",
                                                  port: 6379]]}

(the `redix_config` arg is a keyword-list which is passed to
[Redix](, it's also aliased to `redis_config`,
with an `s`)

And that's it, calls to `Hammer.check_rate/3` and so on will use Redis to store
the rate-limit counters.

See the [Hammer Tutorial]( for more.

## Documentation

On hexdocs: [](

## Getting Help

If you're having trouble, either open an issue on this repo, or reach out to the maintainers ([@shanekilkelly]( on Twitter.