# HorseStapleBattery

Small library that allows you to generate random words.

You probably have seen these things if you have ever used Docker, or image websites. 

The name is inspired on [an XKCD](


## Example 

iex> HorseStapleBattery.adjectives()
{"ace", "aft", "ain", "all", "alt", "anal", "ane", "ant", "apt", "arch",
"arched", "auld", "awed", "backed", "baked", "barbed", "bare", "barred",
"bats", "beaut", "beige", "bent", "birch", "birk", "bit", "blae", "blah",
"blame", "blamed", "bland", "blate", "bleak", "blear", "blest", "blocked",
"blond", "blonde", "bloomed", "blown", "blowzed", "bluff", "blunt", "bobs",
"boiled", "bold", "boned", "boon", "both", "bought", "boulle", ...}

iex> HorseStapleBattery.adverbs()
{"aft", "all", "anes", "anon", "aught", "bang", "bene", "bis", "blamed", "bolt",
"but", "cheap", "chock", "clean", "cool", "course", "damn", "damned", "dang",
"darn", "darned", "dash", "dashed", "days", "dern", "dooms", "dryer", "due",
"eer", "eath", "eft", "eighth", "else", "erst", "fain", "far", "firm", "flop",
"flush", "fore", "forte", "foul", "fresh", "fro", "gey", "grave", "heads",
"heap", "heigh", "hence", ...}

iex> HorseStapleBattery.nouns()
{"abb", "abbs", "ace", "ache", "aches", "adz", "adze", "aid", "aide", "aides",
"aids", "ail", "ails", "aim", "aims", "ain", "aint", "airs", "airt", "airts",
"aisle", "aisles", "ait", "aitch", "aits", "ake", "akes", "alb", "albs", "ale",
"ales", "alfa", "alfas", "alias", "all", "alms", "alp", "alps", "alt", "alts",
"alum", "alums", "amp", "amps", "and", "ands", "ane", "anes", "angst",
"angsts", ...}

iex> HorseStapleBattery.verbs()
{"ace", "ache", "aches", "add", "adds", "aid", "aids", "ail", "ails", "aim",
"aims", "airt", "airts", "ake", "akes", "ape", "apes", "arch", "are", "ares",
"arm", "arms", "ate", "awe", "awed", "awes", "axe", "bade", "badge", "baff",
"baffs", "bag", "bags", "bail", "bails", "bait", "baits", "baize", "bake",
"baked", "bakes", "bale", "bales", "balk", "balks", "ban", "bang", "bangs",
"bans", "barb", ...}

iex> HorseStapleBattery.generate_compound()

iex> HorseStapleBattery.generate_compound([:verb, :noun])

iex> HorseStapleBattery.random_adjective()

iex> HorseStapleBattery.random_adverb()

iex> HorseStapleBattery.random_noun()

iex> HorseStapleBattery.random_verb()

## Installation

def deps do
    {:horsestaplebattery, "~> 0.1.0"}