# HtmlEntities

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Elixir module for decoding and encoding HTML entities in a string.

Entity names, codepoints and their corresponding characters are copied from

## Installation

Add the dependency to your `mix.exs` file, then run `mix deps.get`.

defp deps do
    {:html_entities, "~> 0.5"}

## Usage

Inside IEx:

iex> HtmlEntities.decode("Tom & Jerry")
"Tom & Jerry"
iex> HtmlEntities.decode("¡Ay, caramba!")
"¡Ay, caramba!"
iex> HtmlEntities.encode("<< KAPOW!! >>")
"&lt;&lt; KAPOW!! &gt;&gt;"

Inside a module:

defmodule EntityTest do
  def non_breaking_space do

## License

Copyright (c) 2015 Martin Svalin

This library is MIT licensed. See the [LICENSE]( for details.