# idconex
Elixir identicon library

Creates an identicon for a given username.

Use `render/1` to create a usual github like identicon.  
Use `render/4` to create an extended identicon.

Use `encode64/1` to get the identicon as a base64 encoded png image.  
Use `save/2` to save the identicon as a png image file.
#### Examples
Create a github like 5x5 identicon for the username "codebio" and save the 250x250 pixel image as a png-file.
Idconex.render("codebio") |>"./test/tmp/codebio.png")

Create a 9x9 identicon and return the 225x225 pixel png image as a base64 string
Idconex.render("cfranzl", :sha512, 5, 25) |> Idconex.encode64