An Elixir library for generating 5x5 identicons.

## Usage

Just pass a string or char_list to `Identicon.render/1`. You will get back a
Base64 encoded string representing your identicon image.

image = Identicon.render "rbishop"
# => a1070f60bb1e600..."

You can just keep using this in memory or write to file and decode into an image:

image = Identicon.render "rbishop"
:ok = File.write("rbishop.txt", image)

cat rbishop.txt | base64 -D -o rbishop.png

## Todo

* Support various size/pixel count/background color identicons
* Make the identicons symmetric like GitHub's (so cool!)

## Contributing

1. Fork it
2. Create your feature branch (`git checkout -b my-new-feature`)
3. Commit your changes (`git commit -am 'Add some feature'`)
4. Push to the branch (`git push origin my-new-feature`)
5. Create new Pull Request

## License

Identicon uses the same license as the Elixir programming language. See the
file]( for
more information.