This is a plugin for compiling Erlang IDL files using Rebar3.


Add the plugin to your rebar config:

    {plugins, [
        {idl, ".*",
          {branch, "master"}}}

Then just call your plugin directly in an existing application:

    $ rebar3 idl compile
    ===> Fetching idl ({git ...})
    ===> Compiling idl
    <Plugin Output>

There are two options that can be specified in your rebar.config:

    {idl_paths, [Paths]}.
            Path = {file, FilePath, Options} | {file, FilePath} |
                   {dir, Directory, Options} | {dir, Directory}

    {idl_opts, [Options]}.
            Options: Options specified by the ic module, check
            for more info.

If the options is not given with the path tuple, then the idl_opts option
is used.


    {idl_opts, [{'Wall', true}]}.
    {idl_files, [
                 {file, "idl/system.idl", [{outdir, "generated"}]},
                 {dir, "idlfiles"}

In the given example, all *.idl-files found under the path
"app_root/idlfiles" would be compiled with the 'Wall' option, while the
file "app_root/idl/system.idl" would be compiled into the directory