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## Installation

The package can be installed by adding `igdb` to your list of dependencies in

def deps do
    {:igdb, "~> 1.0.1"}

Documentation can be found at [](

## Configuration

You will need to set the following configuration variables in your
`config/config.exs` file:

use Mix.Config

config :igdb, api_key:  "IGDB_API_KEY",
              api_root: "IGDB_API_ROOT"

For security, I recommend that you use environment variables rather than hard
coding your account credentials. If you don't already have an environment
variable manager, you can create a `.env` file in your project with the
following content:

export IGDB_API_KEY="<production key here>"
export IGDB_API_ROOT=""

Then, just be sure to run `source .env` in your shell before compiling your

## Usage

### Search

Returns a list of resources found from given search options.

If the resources could not be loaded, `search/1` will return a 3-element tuple
in this format, `{:error, message, code}`. The `code` is the HTTP status code
returned by the IGDB API, for example, 404.

#### Options

The options should be passed as a keyword list. Below is a list of allowed keys:

| Option   | Values                                                                     | Example                                              |
| `fields` | atom, string or list of those; can be nested with periods                  | `"*", ["*", "game.*]`                                |
| `sort`   | string; column with the direction (asc/desc); cannot be used with `search` | `"created_at desc"`                                  |
| `limit`  | integer                                                                    | `10`                                                 |
| `search` | string; text you want to search for; cannot be used with `sort`            | `"Final Fantasy"`                                    |
| `where`  | list of strings, will be joined with AND - you may construct your own      | `["platforms = 48", "date > 1538129354"]`            |
| `exclude`| string; exclude irrelevant data from your query                            | `"tags"`                                             |

Refer to individual resources for the available columns to filter on.

#### Examples

iex> "Final Fantasy", limit: 5, where: ["platforms = 48"], fields: "name")
  %{id: 37087, name: "Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV"},
  %{id: 11169, name: "Final Fantasy VII Remake"},
  %{id: 36831, name: "Dissidia Final Fantasy NT"},
  %{id: 38492, name: "Final Fantasy XV Deluxe Edition"},
  %{id: 26069, name: "FINAL FANTASY XV - Season Pass Upgrade"}

## Testing

Unit tests:

mix test

There is an external test, not run by default, that hits the API for each
resource endpoint. To enable, it, first ensure you have the API configured in
the ENV:

export IGDB_TEST_API_KEY="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

And run:

mix test --include external

## Credits

A lot of inspiration taken from [ex_twilio]( Thank you!