# Imgproxy
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Imgproxy is an Elixir library that helps generate [imgproxy]( URLs.  Before using this library, you should have a running imgproxy server.

**Note:** As of version 3.0, OTP >= 22.1 and imgproxy >= 2.0.0 are required.

## Installation

To install Imgproxy, just add an entry to your `mix.exs`:

``` elixir
def deps do
    {:imgproxy, "~> 3.0"}

(Check [Hex]( to make sure you're using an up-to-date version number.)

## Configuration

In your `config/config.exs` you can set a few options:

``` elixir
config :imgproxy,
  prefix: "",
  key: "cdf104fc78b7d7f6f0158c253612f5dsecretsecret...",
  salt: "aad7034f611b7fc28c6d344f72ea19secretsecret..."

The `prefix` should be the location of the imgproxy server.  `key` and `salt` are only necessary if you are using [URL signatures](  To generate the key a key and salt, you can use:

``` bash
$> mix imgproxy.gen.secret

You can use the output as your key or salt (ideally, just run the command twice, use the first output for your key and the second output for your salt).

## Usage

Usage is simple - first generate an `Imgproxy` struct via ``, add any options you'd like, then convert to a string.


# Generate URL for an image, using defaults"") |> to_string()

# Resize to 123x321
|> Imgproxy.resize(123, 321, type: "fill")
|> to_string()

# Crop and return a jpg
|> Imgproxy.crop(100, 100)
|> Imgproxy.set_extension("jpg")
|> to_string()

## Running Tests

To run tests:

``` shell
$> mix test

## Reporting Issues

Please report all issues [on github](