# Ink

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Ink is a backend for the Elixir `Logger` with two main purposes:

- to log JSON documents instead of normal log lines
- to filter secret strings out of the log lines

## Installation

Just add `:ink` to your dependencies and run `mix deps.get`.

def deps do
  [{:ink, "~> 1.0"}]

## Usage

The only thing you have to do is drop some lines into your config.

# this will add Ink as the only backend for Logger
config :logger,
  backends: [Ink]

# at least configure a name for your app
config :logger, Ink,
  name: "your app"

For more information on how to use `Ink`, take a look
at [the docs](

## Maintenance

- get dependencies with `mix deps.get`
- execute tests with `mix test`
- update dependencies with `mix deps.update --all`
- execute tests again `mix test`