Linux inotify for Erlang

Inotify is on erlang port for the Linux inotify API allowing one to monitor
changes to files and directory in the filesystem.

* [AIP-Documentation]()
* [Installation]()


    inotify_demo() ->
         TmpDir = inotify:watch("/tmp/", ?ALL),
         inotify:add_handler(TmpDir, ?MODULE, self()),

         file:open("/tmp/foo_bar_inotify_test", [read, write]),

             {[create],0,"foo_bar_inotify_test"} ->

For the full example refer to the unit test:

In short, you can do anything you want with the code including using it as part
of you plan for world domination (if your successful can I have one of the nicer
countries please). No responsiblity it taken for the fitness of the any purpose,
etc, etc. The only thing I ask is that if you find a bug and fix send me the
patch. Likewise, feature suggestions and patches are welcome.

Release History
20180215 version 0.4.1 Rebar3 Support
20130101 version 0.4.0 switch to rebar
20100206 version 0.3 on github
20090221 release 0.2 bug fix
20080929 initial release version 0.1