# Elixir Jalaali calendar
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Elixir implementation of [jalaali.js]( which contains a Calendar implementation for jalaali and some functions for converting Jalaali and Gregorian calendar systems to each other.

## Installation

You can install `jalaali` by Addding it to your list of dependencies in `mix.exs`:

def deps do
  [{:jalaali, "~> 0.2.0"}]

## Usage (Elixir >= 1.5)

After installing jalaali package. you can create Dates/DateTimes in jalaali or convert
Dates/DateTimes form other calendars back an forth.

**This feature is intruduced in Elixir 1.5 so in any versions below 1.5 the `Date`
and `DateTime` modules lack functions for converting calendars. However you can
just copy those modules but its just better to migrate to 1.5**

### How to use

  - Creating new Date
```elixir, 6, 30, Jalaali.Calendar)
  {:ok, %Date{calendar: Jalaali.Calendar, day: 30, month: 6, year: 1396}}

  - Converting a DateTime to Jalaali
  datetime_in_any_calendar = DateTime.utc_now(Calendar.ISO)
  {:ok, jalaali_datetime} = DateTime.convert(datetime_in_any_calendar, Jalaali.Calendar)

  - Converting a DateTime from Jalaali
  jalaali_datetime = DateTime.utc_now(Calendar.Jalaali)
  {:ok, iso_datetime} = DateTime.convert(jalaali_datetime, Calendar.ISO)

  - Converting a Date to Jalaali
  date_in_any_calendar =, 1, 1, Calendar.ISO)
  {:ok, jalaali_date} = Date.convert(date_in_any_calendar, Jalaali.Calendar)

  - Converting a Date from Jalaali
  {:ok, jalaali_date} = Date.utc_now(1396, 6, 30, Calendar.Jalaali)
  {:ok, iso_date} = Date.convert(jalaali_date, Calendar.ISO)

  Thats super easy. :)

## Usage (Elixir < 1.5) [Old bad way]
__&ast;IMPORTANT&ast; Do not use these methods if you can migrate to Elixir 1.5__

After installing jalaali package. you can use it for:

  - Converting Gregorian dates to Jalaali:

  jal_date = Jalaali.to_jalaali(~D[2015-02-29])

  - Converting Jalaali dates to Gregorian:

  gre_date = Jalaali.to_gregorian(~D[1395-03-15])

  - Checking for Jalaali leap years:


  - Get a Jalaali month lenght

  Jalaali.jalaali_month_length(1395, 12)

## License

This project is license under MIT.

For more information please check [LICENSE](