# Jeaux

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Jeaux is a light and easy schema validator.

## Installation

[Available in Hex](, the package can be installed as:

  1. Add `jeaux` to your list of dependencies in `mix.exs`:

    def deps do
      [{:jeaux, "~> 0.7.0"}]


# web/controllers/my_controller.ex
@params_schema %{
  lat!: :float,
  lon!: :float,
  radius: [type: :integer, default: 100, min: 1, max: 100],
  is_point: :boolean,
  properties: %{
    name: :string

def index(conn, params) do
    case Jeaux.validate(params, @params_schema) do
      {:ok, valid_params} -> do_your_thing(valid_params)
      {:error, message} -> Explode.bad_request(conn, message)

Using a `!` in your key denotes it is required.

Currently, the following keys are valid:
* `type:` with `:integer`, `:string`, `:boolean`, `:guid` (`:string` type is implied), `:float`, or `:list` as applicable types
* `default:` Sets a default value if none is currently provided in params
* `min:` Minimum value a param can have
* `max:` Maximum value a param can have
* `valid:` Values that are valid options. Can be a single item or a list.

For `:list` types, if passed an array from a query string (a la `foo=1,2,3`), it will parse into a list (`['1', '2', '3']`). I am still working on finding a way to coerce these into the types they should be.

Params must be a map but the keys can be strings or atoms and in camelCase or snake_case. They will always be returned as :snake_case keys, however.

If you want to contribute, feel free to fork and open a pr.

Checkout [Explode]( for an easy utility for responding with standard HTTP/JSON error payloads in Plug- and Phoenix-based applications.