# Kadena.ex
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**Kadena.ex** is an open source library for Elixir that allows developers to interact with the Kadena Chainweb.

## What can you do with Kadena.ex?

* Construct commands for transactions.
* Implement cryptography required by the network.
* Interact with p2p api endpoints:
    - listen, local, poll, send, spv, cut.
* Send, test and update smart contracts on the network.

## Installation

Add `kadena` to your list of dependencies in `mix.exs`:

def deps do
    {:kadena, "~> 0.2.0"}

## Roadmap

The latest updated branch to target a PR is `v0.2`

You can see a big picture of the roadmap here: [**ROADMAP**][roadmap]

### What we're working on now 🎉

- [PactCommand types](
- [PactAPI types](
- [Wallet types](

### What we're working on next! 🍰

- [Kadena Crypto](
- [Kadena PACT](
- [Kadena API](
- [Kadena Chainweb](

### Done - What we've already developed! 🚀

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- [Base types](
- [Keypair types](
- [PactValue types](
- [SignCommand types](
- [ContPayload types](
- [Cap types](
- [ExecPayload types](
- [PactPayload types](
- [MetaData and Signer types](
- [CommandPayload types](
- [PactExec types](
- [PactEvents types](
- [CommandResult types](



## Development

- Install any Elixir version above 1.13.
- Compile dependencies: `mix deps.get`
- Run tests: `mix test`.

## Want to jump in?

Check out our [Good first issues][good-first-issues], this is a great place to start contributing if you're new to the project!

We welcome contributions from anyone! Check out our [contributing guide][contributing] for more information.

## Changelog

Features and bug fixes are listed in the [CHANGELOG][changelog] file.

## Code of conduct

We welcome everyone to contribute. Make sure you have read the [CODE_OF_CONDUCT][coc] before.

## Contributing

For information on how to contribute, please refer to our [CONTRIBUTING][contributing] guide.

## License

This library is licensed under an MIT license. See [LICENSE][license] for details.

## Acknowledgements

Made with 💙 by [kommitters Open Source](