kafkerl v2.0.0
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Apache Kafka 0.8.2 high performance producer/consumer for erlang.
Developed thanks to the support and sponsorship of [TigerText]( and [Inaka](

##Features (aka, why kafkerl?)
 - Fast binary creation.
 - Caching requests to build more optimally compressed multi message TCP packages.
 - Highly concurrent, using @jaynel concurrency tools.
 - Messages are not lost but cached before sending to kafka.
 - Handles server side errors and broker/leadership changes.
 - Flexible API allows consumer of messages to define pids, funs or M:F pairs as callbacks for the received messages.
 - Simple yet flexible consumer API to retrieve the messages from Kafka.

##Missing features (aka, what I am working on but haven't finished yet)
 - There is no communication with Zookeeper.
 - Tests suites.

Special thanks to [@nitzanharel]( who found some really nasty bugs and helped me understand the subtleties of kafka's design and to the rest of the [TigerText]( and [Inaka]( teams for their support and code reviews.