# KoreanSentenceAnalyser

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## Analyse Korean Text

An attempt to try to get information about Korean text.

Given a sentence or word, this library will give a fairly accurate list of words and information about the type of words.
A type (noun, verb, adjective etc) is returned, as well as a specific type (K-pop, Wikipedia title etc).

All words are returned in the form they appear in the dictionary: 공부하다, 일하다). Thus this can be useful find a dictionary searchable base of a conjugated word.

All modules are documented and can be used individually, but keep in mind that they are build mainly for the sentence_analyse function. Feel free to open a issue on github if you have any questions.

## How to use

Add to mix.exs

def deps do
    {:korean_sentence_analyser, "~> 0.3.1"}

KoreanSentenceAnalyser.analyse_sentence("한국어 배우기가 재미있어용")

Which will return a map, or nil if nothing is found
  %{"specific_type" => "Noun", "token" => "한국어", "type" => "Noun"},
  %{"specific_type" => "Verb", "token" => "배우다", "type" => "Verb"},
    "specific_type" => "Adjective",
    "token" => "재미있다",
    "type" => "Adjective"

#### Unicode for Korean

More helpful functions are available in on how to deal with Unicode for Hangul.