# Lilictocat
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**Lilictocat is a simple pull request filter**

## usage

    # => ""

    # => "no pr's to list"

 #### options

 It is possible to ignore archived repositories with `ignore_archived`

    Lilictocat.get_oldest_pull_request_without_review(ignore_archived: true)
    # => ""

 ## instalation

 Add Lilictocat to your `mix.exs`:

 defp deps do
     {:lilictocat, "~> 0.1.0"}

After that, run `mix deps.get`.

 you will need to generate a [Github personal API token]( with this options

-   repo
-   read:org

After that, add to your `config.exs`

config :lilictocat, github_access_token: "your_token"
config :tentacat, :deserialization_options, keys: :atoms

NOTE: if running locally, you can export via environment variable
export LILICTOCAT_TOKEN="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

 ## about name

 referencing `Magic The Gathering`

 Liliana Vess is a human planeswalker from Dominaria and is both a master necromancer and a healer, one of her main skills is to revive the dead. And this is the idea of ​​lib, to understand which pull request is in need of more attention, "being revived"

 <p> <img src="assets/images/liliana.jpg" width="300" alt="liliana"> </p>

 illustrated by the fantastic [Magali Villeneuve](