# lkn-core

## Overview

lkn-core is a framework for creating game servers. It is written in Elixir and
implements a home-grown ECS supervisor tree and a mechanism to dynamically spawn
new instances for incoming players whenever it is necessary.

## Contributing

lkn-core is a Free Software distributed under the terms of the AGPLv3+
License. The codebase is mainly hosted [at the
Nest](, using the [pijul

If you want to submit a patch, feel free to do so in the manner you find the
more appropriate. For instance, you can:

* send me a patch using the Nest (pijul)
* send me an email with your (binary) patches

The most important thing is: by providing me a patch, you agree it may become
available to the lkn-core users under the terms of the AGPLv3+
license. Moreover, consider lkn-core will soon be published to and so
will be your contributions if they find their way to the master branch.