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## About
A backend for the [Elixir Logger](
that will send logs to the [Logstash UDP input](

## Supported options

 * **host**: String.t. The hostname or ip address where to send the logs.
 * **port**: Integer. The port number. Logstash should be listening with its UDP
 * **metadata**: Keyword.t. Extra fields to be added when sending the logs. These will
 be merged with the metadata sent in every log message.
 * **level**: Atom. Minimum level for this backend.
 * **type**: String.t. Type of logs. Useful to filter in logstash.

## Sample Logstash config
input {
  udp {
    codec => json
    port => 10001
    queue_size => 10000
    workers => 10
    type => default_log_type
output {
  stdout {}
  elasticsearch {
    protocol => http

## Using it with Mix

To use it in your Mix projects, first add it as a dependency:

def deps do
  [{:logger_logstash_backend, "~> 3.0.0"}]
Then run mix deps.get to install it.

Add logger and tzdata as applications:

def application do
  [applications: [:logger, :timex]]

## Configuration Examples

### Runtime

Logger.add_backend {LoggerLogstashBackend, :debug}
Logger.configure {LoggerLogstashBackend, :debug},
  host: "",
  port: 10001,
  level: :debug,
  metadata: ...

### Application config

config :logger,
  backends: [{LoggerLogstashBackend, :error_log}, :console]

config :logger, :error_log,
  host: "",
  port: 10001,
  level: :error,
  type: "my_type_of_app_or_node",
  metadata: [
    extra_fields: "go here"