# NOTE: This class is auto generated by OpenAPI Generator (
# Do not edit the class manually.

defmodule MailSlurpAPI.Model.WebhookDto do
  @moduledoc """
  Representation of a webhook for an inbox. The URL specified will be using by MailSlurp whenever an email is received by the attached inbox. A webhook entity should have a URL that points to your server. Your server should accept HTTP/S POST requests and return a success 200. MailSlurp will retry your webhooks if they fail. See for the payload schema.

  @derive [Poison.Encoder]
  defstruct [

  @type t :: %__MODULE__{
    :"id" => String.t,
    :"userId" => String.t,
    :"basicAuth" => boolean(),
    :"name" => String.t | nil,
    :"inboxId" => String.t | nil,
    :"url" => String.t,
    :"method" => String.t,
    :"payloadJsonSchema" => String.t,
    :"createdAt" => DateTime.t,
    :"updatedAt" => DateTime.t,
    :"eventName" => String.t | nil

defimpl Poison.Decoder, for: MailSlurpAPI.Model.WebhookDto do
  def decode(value, _options) do