# MapWithIndifferentAccess

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Utility functions making it easier to work with maps which can either have atom keys or string keys, but never both.

For example, you'll find it useful when working with `Ecto.Changeset`,
as [`Ecto.Changeset.cast/4`](
forbids passing maps with mixed key types.

Nearly all functions mimic `Map` interface, e.g. `MapWithIndifferentAccess.put/3` works just as `Map.put/3`, **with two important differences**:

1. You need to use atom keys when calling the functions. (Even if the map uses string keys.)

2. If the map uses string keys, `key` argument will be converted to a string, and only then called with a respective `Map` function.

## Usage example

See [API reference](

## Contributing

### Running tests

Run the following after cloning the repo:

mix deps.get
mix test