defmodule Membrane.Sink do
  @moduledoc """
  Module defining behaviour for sinks - elements consuming data.

  Behaviours for sinks are specified, besides this place, in modules
  and `Membrane.Element.WithInputPads`.

  Sink elements can define only input pads. Job of a usual sink is to receive some
  data on such pad and consume it (write to a soundcard, send through TCP etc.).
  If the pad has the flow control set to `:manual`, then element is also responsible
  for requesting demands when it is able and willing to consume data (for more details,
  see `t:Membrane.Element.Action.demand/0`). Sinks, like all elements, can of course
  have multiple pads if needed to provide more complex solutions.

  alias Membrane.Core.DocsHelper

  @doc """
  Brings all the stuff necessary to implement a sink element.

    - `:bring_pad?` - if true (default) requires and aliases `Membrane.Pad`
  defmacro __using__(options) do
    Module.put_attribute(__CALLER__.module, :__membrane_element_type__, :sink)

    quote location: :keep do
      use Membrane.Element.Base, unquote(options)
      use Membrane.Element.WithInputPads

      @doc false
      @spec membrane_element_type() :: Membrane.Element.type()
      def membrane_element_type, do: :sink

    [Membrane.Element.Base, Membrane.Element.WithInputPads]