# Membrane FFmpeg SWResample plugin

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Plugin performing audio conversion, resampling and channel mixing, using SWResample module of [FFmpeg]( library.

It is a part of [Membrane Multimedia Framework](

## Installation

Add the following line to your `deps` in `mix.exs`. Run `mix deps.get`.

	{:membrane_ffmpeg_swresample_plugin, "~> 0.16.0"}

You also need to have [FFmpeg]( library installed.

## Usage

The pipeline takes raw audio, converts the sample format from `s24le` to `f32le` and resamples
it to 44.1 kHz rate.

defmodule Resampling.Pipeline do
  use Membrane.Pipeline

  alias Membrane.Element.File
  alias Membrane.FFmpeg.SWResample.Converter
  alias Membrane.RawAudio

  @doc false
  @impl true
  def handle_init(_) do
    children = [
      file_src: %File.Source{location: "/tmp/input.raw"},
      converter: %Converter{
        input_caps: %RawAudio{channels: 2, sample_format: :s24le, sample_rate: 48_000},
        output_caps: %RawAudio{channels: 2, sample_format: :f32le, sample_rate: 44_100}
      file_sink: %File.Sink{location: "/tmp/output.raw"},

    links = [
      |> to(:converter)
      |> to(:file_sink)

    {{:ok, spec: %ParentSpec{children: children, links: links}}, %{}}

## Copyright and License

Copyright 2018, [Software Mansion](

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Licensed under the [Apache License, Version 2.0](LICENSE)