# Memcache

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Memcached client for Elixir.

## Installation

defp deps() do
    {:memcachex, "~> 0.5"}

## Overview

Memcachex comes with two kinds of API, a high level one named
`Memcache` which provides functions to perform most of the common
usecases and a low level one named `Memcache.Connection` which
provides a less restrictive API. See the
[documentation]( for more information

## Examples

{:ok, pid} = Memcache.start_link()
{:ok} = Memcache.set(pid, "hello", "world")
{:ok, "world"} = Memcache.get(pid, "hello")

See [test folder]( for further examples.

## Copyright and License

Copyright (c) 2014 Anantha Kumaran

This software is licensed under [the MIT license](./