A mix task to execute eunit tests.

* Works in umbrella projects.
* Tests can be in the module or in the test directory.
* Allows the user to provide a list of patterns for tests to run.

mix eunit # run all the tests
mix eunit --verbose "foo*" "*_test" # verbose run foo*.erl and *_test.erl


Add to your `mix.exs` deps:

def deps
  [#... existing deps,
   {:mix_eunit, "~> 0.1.1"}]


mix deps.get
mix deps.compile
mix eunit

Command line options:

A list of patterns to match for test files can be supplied:

mix eunit foo* bar*

The runner automatically adds ".erl" to the patterns.

The following command line switch is also available:

* --verbose/-v - Run eunit with the :verbose option.

Test search path:

All ".erl" files in the src and test directories are considered.