# MixMachine

Make Mix compilation produce report that is machine-readable.

Currently supported formats:

- [SARIF][] used by [GitHub Code Scanning][gha]
- [CodeClimate][cc] used by [GitLab Code Quality][gl-cq]


## Usage

Add it to list of your dependencies:

def deps do
    {:mix_machine, "~> 0.1.0"}

And now you can use:

$ mix compile.machine

That will produce `report.json` with SARIF format.

## Configration

Current behaviour can be controlled by few flags:

 + `--format <format>` (`-f`) - output format, currently supported values are
   `sarif` and `code_climate`, defaults to `sarif`.
 + `--output <path>` (`-o`) - output file, defaults to `report.json`.
 + `--pretty` - pretty print output.

In addition to CLI flags these options can be set in `project/0` function in
`mix.exs` in `:machine` keyword list (it has lower precedence than CLI flags):

 + `:format` - atom `:sarif` or `:code_climate` that describes default format.
 + `:output` - default filename to produce output.
 + `:pretty` - boolean flag whether the output should be pretty printed.
 + `:root` - relative path to root directory, defaults to current working
   directory. It can be useful in situations when you have multirepo where
   the Elixir application isn't mounted at root of the repository.

### Example

def project do
    # …
    machine: [
      format: :code_climate,
      output: "codeclimate.json",
      pretty: true,
      root: ".."

## License