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Nativegen is a source code generator of native app accessing REST API.
This can reduce your dull works at all.
If you use [Phoenix]( framework, this is for you.

*It is supported just Swift code yet, but will Android, Unity and so on.*

## Installation

You can add dependency to your project's `mix.exs`.

  defp deps do
      {:nativegen, "~> 0.4.0"}


$ mix do deps.get, compile

## iOS

#### Generating code depends on the follwoing library
* [Alamofire](
* [SwiftyJSON](
* [BrightFutures](

## Example generating source code

import Foundation
import BrightFutures
import Alamofire
import SwiftyJSON

public class User : NSObject, JsonModel {
    var id: Int
    let username: String
    var items: [Item]
    public required init(json: JSON) {
        id = json["id"].int
        username = json["username"].stringValue
        if json["items"].error == nil {
            items = json["items"] { Item(json: $0) }

public class UserRepository : Repository {

    public func create(username: String) -> Future<User, NSError> {
        return requestData(.POST, routes: "/api/users", param: ["user": ["username": username]])

    public func show(id: Int) -> Future<User, NSError> {
        return requestData(.GET, routes: "/api/users/\(id)", param: nil)

    public func update(id: Int, username: String) -> Future<User, NSError> {
        return requestData(.PATCH, routes: "/api/users/\(id)", param: ["user": ["username": username]])

    public func delete(id: Int) -> Future<Bool, NSError> {
        return requestSuccess(.DELETE, routes: "/api/users/\(id)", param: nil)

    public func buyItem(itemId: Int) -> Future<Bool, NSError> {
        return requestSuccess(.POST, routes: "/users/buy", param: ["item_id": itemId])


## Usage(Swift)

First, you have to setup.

$ mix nativegen.swift.setup /your/to/your/directory

Next, following command will generate accessible REST API swift code.

$ mix nativegen.swift.create /path/to/your/directory User users username:string group:Group items:array:Item

And, generate Json model the following command.

$ mix nativegen.swift.model Item name:string strength:integer

Also, append model in your swift code.

$ mix nativegen.swift.model Item name:string strength:integer --file /path/to/your/repo.swift

You can also generate methods

$ mix nativegen.swift.method post /api/chat/response responseMessage Chat thread_id:integer message:string

## Lisence
MIT Lisence