# NervesHubCLI

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This is the 2.0 development branch of NervesHubCLI. If you have been using NervesHub prior to around April, 2023 and are not following 2.0 development, see the `maint-v0` branch. The `maint-v0` branch is being used in production. 2.0 development is in progress, and we don't have guides or good documentation yet. If you use the 2.0 development branch, we don't expect breaking changes, but please bear with us as we complete the 2.0 release.


`NervesHubCLI` provides a set of [Mix]( tasks so
that you can work with [NervesHub]( from the
command-line. Features include:

* Uploading firmware to NervesHub
* Generating device certificates and registration
* Managing device provisioning metadata
* Creating and managing firmware signing keys
* Manage firmware deployments
* Manage user and organization accounts

The recommended way of using the CLI is to include
[`nerves_hub_link`]( in your dependencies.
`nerves_hub_link` pulls in `nerves_hub_cli` and includes the target runtime
components necessary to use it.

Once installed, you can access available commands and documentation from the
command-line using `mix help`:

$ mix help
mix nerves_hub.deployment # Manages NervesHub deployments
mix nerves_hub.device     # Manages your NervesHub devices
mix nerves_hub.firmware   # Manages firmware on NervesHub
mix nerves_hub.key        # Manages your firmware signing keys
mix nerves_hub.product    # Manages your products
mix nerves_hub.user       # Manages your NervesHub user account

$ mix help nerves_hub.device

## Environment variables

`NervesHubCLI` may be configured using environment variables to simplify
automation. The following variables are available:

* `NERVES_HUB_TOKEN` (or `NH_TOKEN`) - Token used to authenticate API requests
* `NERVES_HUB_CERT` - Certificate contents for authenticating with NervesHub
* `NERVES_HUB_KEY`  - The private key associated with `NERVES_HUB_CERT`
* `NERVES_HUB_ORG`  - NervesHub organization to use
* `NERVES_HUB_FW_PRIVATE_KEY` - Fwup signing private key
* `NERVES_HUB_FW_PUBLIC_KEY`  - Fwup signing public key
* `NERVES_HUB_HOME` - NervesHub CLI data directory (defaults to `~/.nerves-hub`)
* `NERVES_HUB_HOST` - NervesHub API endpoint IP address or hostname (defaults to ``)
* `NERVES_HUB_PORT` - NervesHub API endpoint port (defaults to 443)
* `NERVES_HUB_NON_INTERACTIVE` - Force all yes/no user interaction to be yes

For more information on using the CLI, see the
[`nerves_hub_link`]( documentation.

## Connecting to other environments

NervesHubCLI can be directed to target other environments beside the public
NervesHub instance. See the
for example config values to do this.