# Nerves.System.Linter

## Installation

def deps do
    {:nerves_system_linter, "~> 0.2"}

## Usage

This package includes a new mix task named `nerves.system.lint` which can run
for a customized nerves system (ref
against its config file, typically named `nerves_defconfig`.

Running this task would typically look something like this:

mix nerves.system.lint nerves_defconfig

## Output

After successfully running the linter mix command you will be presented with a
report containing three sections

![alt Sample Colorized Output](docs/images/linter_demo.png "Colorized output with red, yellow and blue indicators")

**Successful checks**
These illustrate configurations which are acceptable according to the linter's
rules, you will typically want to keep these in place.

**Warn checks**
These illustrate configurations which are typically used but seen to be missing
or appear to be set incorrectly according to typical nerves systems and the way
they are used in many common systems.

**Failed checks**
This list contains settings which appear to be done incorrectly and have a high
probability of generating a system which will not properly support the nerves
framework.  Use caution when these checks are present after running the linter.

## Additional Resources

For complete instructions on how to build a custom nerves system reference the
or the nerves_system_br

For more information on how to use buildroot to configure a custom linux
distribution, take a look at the [buildroot