# NervesTime.RTC.DS3231

[![Hex version]( "Hex version")](

NervesTime.RTC implementation for popular Maxim Integrated Extremely Accurate
Real-Time Clock chip with TCXO.  [An "Oldie-but-Goodie". Dallas Semiconductor
was acquired by Maxim in 2001]

Features of the DS3231 device other than the time and date registers  [i.e.
Alarms, Interrupts, Square Wave output and Temperature measurement]  are
untouched by this plugin, and are therefore available to other user-written
Elixir apps.

The following are supported:

* [DS3231](

## Using

First add this project to your `mix` dependencies:

def deps do
    {:nerves_time_rtc_ds3231, "~> 0.1.0"}

And then update your `:nerves_time` configuration to point to it:

config :nerves_time, rtc: NervesTime.RTC.DS3231

It's possible to override the default I2C bus and address via options:

config :nerves_time, rtc: {NervesTime.RTC.DS3231, [bus_name: "i2c-2", address:

Check the logs for error messages if the RTC doesn't appear to work.