# non_empty_list

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✨ Non-empty lists in Gleam

> ⚙️ This package supports both the Erlang and JavaScript target!

## Installation

To add this package to your Gleam project:

gleam add non_empty_list

## Usage

Import the `non_empty_list` module and write some code!

import non_empty_list
import gleam/int
import gleam/io

pub fn main() {, [2, 3, 4])
  |> non_empty_list.reduce(with: fn(n, m) { n + m })
  |> int.to_string
  |> io.println 

## Contributing

This package exposes most of the same functions you'd find in the `gleam/list` module but it may be missing some useful functions.

If you think there's a missing function that would fit here, or if you spot a bug don't be afraid to open PRs, issues or requests of any kind! Any contribution is welcome 💜