# nosedrum

`nosedrum` is a command framework for use with the excellent
[`nostrum`]( library.

It contains behaviour specifications for easily implementing command handling
for both Discord's application commands and the traditional text-based
commands in your bot along with other conveniences to ease creating an
interactive bot.

`nosedrum`s provided implementations are largely based off what was originally
written for [bolt]( bolt also contains
around [57
commands]( based
off the `Nosedrum.Command` behaviour that you can explore if you're looking
for inspiration.

The application command related parts of the framework consist of two parts:
- `Nosedrum.ApplicationCommand`, the behaviour that all application commands
  must implement.
- `Nosedrum.Invoker`, the behaviour for any slash command invoker. A default
  implementation provided by nosedrum resides at `Nosedrum.Invoker.Dispatcher`.

The traditional command processing related parts of the framework consists of
three parts:
- `Nosedrum.Command`, the behaviour that all commands must implement.
- `Nosedrum.Invoker`, the behaviour of command processors. Command processors
  take a message, look it up in the provided storage implementation,
  and invoke commands as required. nosedrum ships with an implementation of
  this based on bolt's original command parser named `Nosedrum.Invoker.Split`.
- `Nosedrum.Storage`, the behaviour of command storages. Command storages
  allow for fast and simple lookups of commands and command groups and store
  command names along with their corresponding `Nosedrum.Command`
  implementations internally. An ETS-based command storage implementation is
  provided with `Nosedrum.Storage.ETS`.

Additionally, the following utilities are provided:
- `Nosedrum.Converters`, functions for converting parts of messages to objects
  from Nostrum such as channels, members, and roles.
- `Nosedrum.MessageCache`, a behaviour for defining message caches, along with
  an ETS-based and an Agent-based implementation.

The documentation can be found at

## Installation
Simply add `:nosedrum` to your `mix.exs`:

def deps do
    {:nosedrum, "~> 0.5"},

If you want to install the GitHub version of Nostrum, you will need to specify
it with `override: true` in your `mix.exs`, for example:
def deps do
    {:nosedrum, "~> 0.5"},
    {:nostrum, github: "Kraigie/nostrum", override: true}

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