# Notified

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An Elixir library for application notifications

This library is the core notification engine. For a frontend phoenix live UI check out [notified_phoenix](

## Installation

Add the `notified` package to your list of dependencies in `mix.exs`:

def deps do
    {:notified, "~> 0.0.6"}

## Configuration

Configure the pubsub server

config :notified, pubsub_server: MyApp.PubSub

## Usage

Create & manage a notification

notification = Notifed.create("Many Signups!", "10 users have signed up in the last 5 minutes", ["users", "campaign-1"])

Notifications are stored in memory using ETS via [etso]( This
means that notifications will not persist between application restarts.

## Authors

- Alex Kwiatkowski -

## License

`notified` is released under the [MIT license](./LICENSE)