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> ### Simple. Fault-tolerant. Distributed.
> - Create a basic webpage in minutes
> - Using Erlang OTP to achieve both fault-tolerance and distribution


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## Getting started

Start by adding the `rebar3` template for Nova. This can be done by running the installation script;

sh -c "$(curl -fsSL"

#### Manually with rebar.config

Add rebar3_nova to ~/.config/rebar3/rebar.config
{project_plugins, [rebar3_nova]}

After this is done use `rebar3` to generate a new project with Nova.

rebar3 new nova my_first_nova

## Supported Erlang versions

Nova is supported with OTP 23 and above.

## Documentation

Hex docs:

More on how things work can be read in the docs [Getting Started](

### Articles

* [Building an Erlang Web Api using Nova Framework and Redis](

## Contributing

Contribution is welcome to Nova. Check our [CODE OF CONDUCT]( for more information. We will add features and bugs to the issues list.

### Generating a Nova project

Start a new project with:

rebar3 new nova my_first_nova

That will generate a Nova project for you.

rebar3 nova serve

This will fetch all dependencies and compile. After the compilation it will start a shell that says which port it is running on and a few debug lines.

When the shell is started, open a browser and go to localhost:8080 which will point to the `my_first_nova` server running Nova.

## Important links

* [Erlang Slack channel][1]
* [Issue tracker][2]
* [Nova Forum (questions)][3]
* Visit Nova's sponsors for expert Nova consulting:
    * [Burbas Consulting](
    * [Widgrens IT](