Reporter for [opencensus]() that implements support for version 1 and 2 of [Google Cloud Trace](

### Using

Add dependency to `rebar.config` and the `.app.src` of the application you are adding tracing to:

{deps, [opencensus, oc_google_reporter]}.

{application, ..., [
   {applications, [kernel, stdlib, oc_google_reporter, opencensus, ...]}

Add configuration for `opencensus` is added to `sys.config`, set to use the `oc_google_reporter` or `oc_google_reporter_v2` reporter:

{opencensus, [{sampler, {oc_sampler_always, []}},
              {reporter, {oc_google_reporter_v2, #{project_id => <<"GOOGLE PROJECT">>,
                                                   credentials_source => default}}}]}

The Google credentials are handled by the [augle]( library.