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[Óg]( is a small collection of debugging functions for use during development.

### Note

- Functions `Og.log/2` and `Og.log_r/2` are debugging tools for use during development only.

### Installation

Add óg to your list of dependencies in `mix.exs`:

def deps, do: [{:og, "~> 1.0"}]

Ensure that `:logger` is started in the applications:

def application do [applications: [:logger]] end

## Summary

- `log/2` - logs the data transformed by the inspector function
and returns `:ok`
- `log_r/2` - logs the data transformed by the inspector function
and returns the original data.

- Inspection of the data before logging it can be helpful in a debugging context for
    - Avoiding the `Protocol.UndefinedError` when logging tuples for example.
    - Not needing to require Logger

- However, the functions `Og.log/2` and `Og.log_r/2` should be reserved for
debugging code only in `:dev` environments and should not
 be used in production because:
    - Formatting the data carries an overhead.

- Example configuration of the `Logger`

use Mix.Config

config :logger,
  backends: [:console],
  level: :debug,
  compile_time_purge_level: :debug,
  compile_time_application: :my_app,
  truncate: (4096 * 8),
  utc_log: :false

config :logger, :console,
  level: :debug,
  format: "$time $metadata [$level] $message\n",
  metadata: []

config :logger, :og,
  kernel_opts: [width: 70],
  apex_opts: [numbers: :false, color: :false]

### some examples

- Basic logging


- Logging at the `:warn` level

Og.log(:test, level: :warn)

- Logging at the `:warn` level and with __ENV__ specified to get richer information

Og.log(:test, level: :warn, env: __ENV__)

- Logging with the Apex inspector

Og.log(:test, inspector: :apex)

- Logging inside a chain of piped functions

defmodule OgTest do
  def log() do
    %{first: "john", last: "doe"}
    |> Map.to_list()
    |> Enum.filter( &(&1 === {:first, "john"}))
    |> Og.log_r()
    |> List.last()
    |> Tuple.to_list()
    |> List.last()
    |> Og.log_r(env: __ENV__, inspector: :kernel, level: :info)
    |> String.upcase()

### Acknowledgements

- Credit to [Björn Rochel]( for the [Apex library](
Setting opts to `[inspector: :apex]` will use the `Apex.Format.format/2` function from the apex library.

### Todo

- [ ] Investigate adding a custom formatting module as an optional additional means of logging.

### Licence