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# Plug.OnMaintenance

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_Enable maintenance mode for your Plug based Elixir applications._

**Plug.OnMaintenance**, an Elixir Plug, is used to disable access to your application for some length of time. Putting application in maintenance mode can be done programmatically or via mix tasks.

## Contents

- [Installation](#installation)
- [Setup](#setup)
- ["retry-after" response header](#retry-after-response-header)
- [Example 503 responses (default)](#example-responses)
- [Custom 503 Message](#custom-503-message)

## Installation

For whatever reason, you want your Plug based Elixir application to be in maintenance mode for some length of time. `Plug.OnMaintenance` is what you need.

Add `on_maitnenance` to your project dependencies in mix.exs:

defp deps do
    {:on_maintenance, "~> 0.5"}

and do

mix deps.get

In case of error, you may want to do

mix deps.update --all

## Setup

Now that you have `on_maintenance` as your dependency, plug `Plug.OnMaintenance` in your `router.ex`. Let us say we have a Phoenix application.

pipeline :api do
  plug Plug.OnMaintenance
  # ...

Then run this mix task

mix maintenance.init_config_store # creates sqlite db and add initial state of application (which is "not in maintenance mode")

Then run the application

mix phoenix.server # just in local

You can enable/disable maintenance mode for your application via mix tasks below

mix maintenance.enable
mix maintenance.disable

Or programmatically using these convenience methods below

import Plug.OnMaintenance.Util

on_maintenance?()     # will check if application is in maintenance mode
enable_maintenance()  # put application in maintenance mode
disable_maintenance() # disable maintenance mode

## **retry-after** response header
`503` response code should have a `retry-after` [header](

You can enable maintenance mode for your application and can
specify how long it would take via `--retry-after` option!

mix maintenance.enable --retry-after=300 # application will be on maintenance for 5 minutes.

## Example 503 responses (default)

When in maintenance mode, your application will respond 503 to all http requests. The default message is _"application on scheduled maintenance."_. Examples:

### text/html response
  <body>Application on scheduled maintenance.</body>

### application/json response
{"message": "Application on scheduled maintenance."}

### text/plain response
Application on scheduled maintenance.

## Custom 503 Message

Default message can be updated via `config.exs`

use Mix.Config

# ...

config :on_maintenance,
  message: "Service is currently in maintenance mode. Give us few minutes. Thanks!"