# OpenStates
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An Elixir client for the OpenStates GraphQL API

## Installation

def deps do
    {:open_states, "~> 0.1.0"}

Configure your [OpenStates API key]( as an environment variable with the name `"OPENSTATES_API_KEY"`. Alternatively you can configure the key in your `config.exs` file:

config :open_states, api_key: "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

See [online documentation]( for usage and API reference.

# Contributing
Clone this repository and run the tests with `mix test` to make sure they pass. Make your changes, writing documentation and tests for all new functionality. Changes will not be merged without accompanying tests and docs. Run `mix` to run the formatter, tests, linter, and generate Coveralls report and docs metrics. Development should be done with `Elixir version ~> 1.8` for proper formatter output, and the build task will raise an exception if using a version less than `1.8`. Now you're ready to submit a [pull request](

# License
[MIT - Copyright (c) 2019 M. Simon Borg](LICENSE.txt)