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An Erlang library for supporting OVSDB protocol as defined in [RFC7047]( APIs are inspired by Ryu's [OVSDB library](


# clone
$ git clone git://
$ cd erlang-ovsdb

# Compile and run
$ make run
There is an option to try out the library against OVS instance. Project has a [docker/docker-compose.yml](docker/docker-compose.yml) which defines the docker network that can setup to demonstrate this.

# make up       # Brings up container network
# make run      # Compile and run ovsdb, brings up Erlang shell

# enable ovsdb manager in ovs1
# make connect ovs1     # Brings up ovs1 console
root@ovs1:~# ovs-vsctl set-manager ptcp:6640

# Tu run various API commands agains OVS container ovs1,
(ovsdb@ovsdb)1> ovsdb_utils:unit_test_ovs().

Look at the code `ovsdb_utils:unit_test_ovs()` for more information.

Usage Example


See [EDoc Document](doc)


This library is released under the Apache License.

See the [COPYING](COPYING) file for full license information.

Some ideas for implementing the library were take from [shun159/eovsdb