# Phauxth

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Phauxth is an authentication library for Phoenix, and other Plug-based,
web applications. It is designed to be secure, extensible, easy to use
and well-documented.

For a general overview of some of the goals of Phauxth and its basic usage,
see [this post](

## Getting started

[This guide](
shows how you can set up a new Phoenix project with Phauxth.

## Authentication and authorization

The core Phauxth library handles authentication, verifying who the
user is.

For information about authorization, or access control, see the
[Authorization]( page
in the wiki.

If you have set up your app using the [Phauxth installer](,
the `authorize.ex` file in the controllers directory provides examples
of functions you can use to authorize users' access to resources.

## Example apps using Phauxth

* [A basic example]( of using
Phauxth with email confirmation.
* [An example api]( using Phauxth.

## Contributing

There are many ways you can contribute to the development of Phauxth, including:

* reporting issues
* improving documentation
* sharing your experiences with others
* [making a financial contribution](#donations)

## Donations

First of all, I would like to emphasize that this software is offered
free of charge. However, if you find it useful, and you would like to
buy me a cup of coffee, you can do so at [paypal](

### Documentation

### License